Meet Tom Baker & Friends!

Summer is about to get a lot hotter with our star studded line up for Tom Baker and Friends!

This Saturday, 13th July, Fantom is proud to present a rare appearance from the Fourth Doctor himself TOM BAKER, at the Richmond and Hillcroft Adult Community College.

Tom will be taking part in a photo studio, and meeting fans to sign autographs, no doubt including the recently released Season 18 blu-ray set.

Every Doctor needs his companions, and we have four on hand this Saturday.
PETER PURVES was an assistant to the first Doctor, William Hartnell, as well being a Blue Peter presenting legend.
KATY MANNING was companion to Jon Pertwee’s Doctor, and made a return to the series opposite Matt Smith and Elisabeth Sladen in the Sarah-Jane Adventures.
LOUISE JAMESON was the savage Leela opposite the Fourth Doctor, and we are pleased to be reuniting the dynamic duo this weekend.
NICOLA BRYANT was Peri, firstly with the Fifth Doctor, and then with the Sixth Doctor too.

With all those goodies, we need a classic villain, and we’re thrilled to say MICHAEL JAYSTON, aka The Valeyard will be with us too. Sticking on Gallifrey, and avoiding the mind probe we hope, we have PAUL JERRICHO, The Castellan in attendance.

Completing the line-up for now is producer PHILIP HINCHCLIFFE. Philip oversaw Tom’s first three seasons as The Doctor, including such classics as Pyramids of Mars and The Talons of Weng-Chiang.

With tickets strictly limited, you will need to book fast to avoid disappointment! Click here for more info.