June Signing Spectacular

Fantom are ready to turn up the heat this Summer with our Chiswick June Signing Spectacular on Saturday 29th!

We are joined by the first ever companion, WILLIAM RUSSELL (Ian Chesterton) and eighties sidekick MARK STRICKSON (Turlough).

Joining Mark for an Enlightenment reunion, we have CLIVE KNELLER and TONY CAUNTER. Tony also appeared opposite the First and Third Doctors in The Crusade and Colony in Space.

We are also joined by two ladies who battled the fearsome Daleks; VIRGINIA WETHERELL was Dyoni in their debut adventure, and RULA LENSKA was the ill-fated Styles in Resurrection of the Daleks.

On the subject of monstrous, we have Sutekh the Destroyer, GABRIEL WOOLF and Mawdryn himself, DAVID COLLINGS joining us. Gabriel returned as the voice of The Beast opposite David Tennant, whilst David also appeared in the Tom Baker classics Revenge of the Cybermen and The Robots of Death.

Making a rare appearance, we are pleased to be joined by LESLIE SCHOFIELD. Leslie starred in both The War Games and The Face of Evil, as well appearing the in Star Wars franchise.

From the new series we have ZOE THORNE, who provided voices for The Unquiet Dead and The Last of the Time Lords, and KALUNGI SSEBANDEKE who appeared in the Twelfth Doctor adventure Smile.

Completing the line-up, we have a trio of names from behind-the-scenes. MICHAEL IMISON directed the First Doctor serial The Ark, whilst STEPHEN WYATT and KEVIN CLARKE were responsible for writing adventures for the Seventh Doctor.

In addition to autographs we will also be running a professional photo studio, all the times and prices are available on our website. Don’t forget in addition to your 10×8 photo you will also receive the digital image after the event.

Tickets only cost £10, and includes an exclusive artcard! Book Now!