About us

Fantom Films started running their own independent events in June 2008, with a cast and crew reunion of the Doctor Who story Fury from the Deep, held at the Tabard Theatre in Chiswick.

Since then we have gone on to organise over a hundred events with more than 1500 guest appearances, including star names such as TOM BAKER, PETER DAVISON, COLIN BAKER, SYLVESTER McCOY, PAUL McGANN, SIR DEREK JACOBI, ARTHUR DARVILL and many more.

We have two main types of events. The first of these are our regular Signing Spectaculars at St.Michael’s Centre in Chiswick. These are great for collectors and first time attendees alike, with a vast array of Doctors, companions, guest stars and technical personnel all attending for autograph/photo opportunities.

The second type is the more “traditional” package days. These are fully scheduled events with a variety of interview panels, photo opportunities, inclusive autographs and special features, all for one great inclusive ticket price.

Whichever event style suits you best, we guarantee the most relaxed atmosphere amongst like-minded fans and friends, and the stars you admire!

Occasionally, when it is difficult for a particular actor to attend one of our events (they may live in another country or have work commitments for example) we arrange pre-order signing sessions, where we get your personal items and photographs signed on your behalf.

Discover more about our pre-order postal service for those unable to attend events.

Bookmark this site and keep checking our calendar for the latest news and dates.

Safety & Inclusivity Statement

At Fantom we are pleased that the events we provide are a safe space for all those who attend, whether they are attendees, crew or guests. The great thing about a show like Doctor Who is that we can come together through a mutual love, regardless of race, sexuality, gender, disability and have a common platform through which to communicate and enjoy each other’s company.

We present very relaxed and enjoyable events where everyone’s safety physically and/or mentally is paramount. The crew are friendly and approachable (and a mixture of genders and ages); and should anyone be feeling uncomfortable or have an issue to raise then there is no barrier in coming to talk to us and the appropriate action will be taken.

You can read our safety and inclusivity policy and code of conduct here.

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