Private signings

We, from time to time, organise private signings, where certain celebrities are unable to attend an event due to personal or professional circumstances.




The actor best known to Doctor Who fans as companion Turlough will be taking part in a private signing.

Unfortunately owing to a work schedule change, Mark was unable to join us for Utopia 2022, however we shall be catching up with him very shortly and he has kindly agreed to take part in a private signing with us.

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Glen played Dibber in the first four parts of The Trial of a Time Lord alongside Tony Selby, however you may not know he also played a Tribesman in the Fifth Doctor Story Kinda. Other credits include Quadrophenia; Whoops Apocalypse; Tucker's Luck; Robin of Sherwood; Rockliffe's Babies; Dream Team and ofcourse George Green in London's Burning.



Known to Doctor Who fans as William Hartnell companion Dodo Chaplet she stepped into the TARDIS at the conclusion of The Massacre and joined for a further 5 stories (The Ark; The Celestial Toyroom; The Gunfighters; The Savages and finally The War Machines). Jackie's credits include The Villains; The Protectors; Coronation Street; Compact (as regular Rosemary Gray) and The Caucasian Chalk Circle. She went on to become a theatrical agent, representing Tom Baker, Janet Fielding, and the late Nicholas Courtney.



Ysanne is best known to Doctor Who fans as the voice of Delegate Alpha Centauri in The Curse of Peladon, The Monster of Peladon & The Empress of Mars as well as Spider voices in Planet of the Spiders. Other credits include Grace Archer in The Archers, Marla & Cassiopeia in Space Patrol and Soo in The Flipside of Dominick Hide & Another Flip for Dominick.



Michael starred in Doctor Who: Terror of the Vervoids as Commodore Travers.
Groomed as a star by the Rank organisation, Michael appeared in a number of films, including Campbell's Kingdom (1957), Sea of Sand (1958), The Silent Enemy (1958), Sapphire (1959), Doctor in Love (1960), Mysterious Island (1961), The Iron Maiden (1962), Modesty Blaise (1966), Turkey Shoot (1982), Ride a Wild Pony (1975) and Appointment with Death (1988). His television credits include appearing in: Arthur of the Britons (1973), The Emigrants (1976), Rush (1976), The Professionals (1980), Shoestring (1980), The Timeless Land (1980), Triangle (1981–83), Tales of the Unexpected (1982) and Robin of Sherwood (1986).



Lalla began her acting career in the Hammer horror film Vampire Circus (1972). After a guest appearance as Princess Astra in the Doctor Who story The Armageddon Factor in 1979, and replaced Mary Tamm. She appeared in all of Season 17's stories and then left the series in the third to last story of Season 18 in the story entitled Warriors' Gate.



Christopher Neame has appeared in a vast number of productions. From the Hammer films Lust for A Vampire and Dracula AD 1972, through to regular roles in Colditz and Secret Army, as well as the villainous Skagra in the legendary unfinished Doctor Who serial Shada.



Sneh's credits include Osborn in Doctor Who: Resurrection of the Daleks; Hotel Guide in James Bond: Octopussy; and Rashida Malik in Crossroads.

Previous signings have included GLEN MURPHY (Dibber, The Trial of a Time Lord - The Mysterious Planet), CHRISTOPHER VILLIERS (Hugh, The King's Demons & Prof. Moorhouse, Mummy on the Orient Express), ERIC DANOT (Castellan Guard, The Invasion of Time), JON CROFT (Tom Girton, The Daemons), NINA THOMAS (Thalira, Monster of Peladon), PETER MANTLE (Kaled Guard, Genesis of the Daleks), NIGEL JOHNS (Young Silurian, The Silurians), JACKIE LANE (Dodo Chaplet, First Doctor Companion), JAMES WARWICK (Scott, Earthshock), YSANNE CHURCHMAN (Alpha Centauri, The Curse of Peladon & The Monster of Peladon & Eight Legs, Planet of the Spiders), LIZ PARKER (Special Sound, The Stones of Blood & Incidental Music, Timelash), SUSAN ENGEL (Cessair of Diplos, The Stones of Blood), MARTIN JARVIS (Hilio, The Web Planet; Butler, Invasion of the Dinosaurs & Governor, Vengeance on Varos) and WILLIAM HURNDELL (Ike Clanton, The Gunfighters).

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