2019 Tom Baker & Friends Signing Spectacular



"You may be a doctor, but I am The Doctor, the definite article you might say!" The Doctor, Robot

Fantom Events are very proud to present an extremely rare appearance from the Fourth Doctor himself, Tom Baker, on Saturday 13th July at the Richmond and Hillcroft Adult Community College, London. Tom will be signing autographs and taking part in a professional photo studio.

He will also be joined by some of his faithful friends; Louise Jameson, the savage Leela and producer Philip Hinchcliffe. Further guests to be announced.

Entry to the event includes either a single group photo with Tom, Louise & Philip, or an autograph from Tom, Louise & Philip, plus a themed art card, for £60. Our Gold Entry option includes both photo studio and autograph options.

Additional autographs and/or photo shoots will be available to purchase on the day.


Fourth Doctor

Additional Autograph Cost: £35
Additional Photo Studio Cost: £35 (solo)
Photo Studio from 12:30 - 13:15 approx.
Autographs from 13:30 - 16:00 approx.


Jo Grant

Autograph Cost: £10
Photo Studio - Solo: £10
Companions Group: £25



Additional Autograph Cost: £10
Additional Photo Studio Solo: £10
Companions Group: £25



Autograph Cost: £10
Photo Studio - Solo: £10
Companions Group: £25


Steven Taylor

Autograph Cost: £10
Photo Studio - Solo: £10
Companions Group: £25


The Valeyard

Autograph Cost: £10
Photo Studio Cost: £10


The Castellan, Arc of Infinity & The Five Doctors

Autograph Cost: £10
Photo Studio Cost: £10



Additional Autograph Cost: £10
Photo Studio Cost: £10


David Mitchell, Image of the Fendahl
Also - The Romans; The Massacre; The Highlanders; The Web of Fear; The Ambassadors of Death; Inferno; The Mind of Evil & The Claws of Axos

Autograph Cost: £10
Photo Studio Cost: £10

Event FAQ

What do I do when I arrive?
Registration opens at 11:30. There will be three registration desks available, each dedicated to a different ticket option. Please have your ticket details and your additional token requirements ready to allow us to process you as quickly as possible.

How do the photo studio and autograph sessions with Tom Baker work?
We will be operating a virtual ticket system, meaning you will be able to enjoy the rest of the event without being stuck in a queue all afternoon. Upon arrival you will be given a number which will determine your position in the queue. Listen out for announcements.

What time is the Group Photo Studio?
Should you wish to have a group photo or solo photo shoot with Tom Baker please arrive by 12:45. Please note we won't be able to remount photo studio combinations later in the day. Solo Photo Studios with guests other than Tom Baker will take place later in the day.

I have purchased a photo entry but would like a different combination of guests in the photo.
Should you wish to either have Philip or Louise with Tom Baker instead of the trio line up available within in the ticket package please mention this to the photo studio assistant.

We are requesting that attendees wishing to obtain a group photo (involving Tom, Louise & Philip) purchase the photo or gold option entry in advance. We will only be offering solo photo shoots to purchase on the day.

Solo photo studios and/or additional autograph tokens can be purchased on the day.

Pre-Order Signing

Unable to attend? We will get your items signed on your behalf. We are accepting item submissions for all the above guests, or 10x8 photos can be ordered for an additional £5. Discover more.

Terms and Conditions

Terms & Conditions Apply. 'Signing Spectacular' is an unofficial event and is not supported or endorsed by the copyright holders.