Fantom Events Pre-Order Postal Service

Updated 01/10/2023

Fantom is able to offer a service whereby we fulfil orders and collect autographs on behalf of those who are unable to attend. This service is provided across all our events including single day signing shows and weekend conventions.

If you are ordering a signed photo supplied by us then you can send your orders to our email address.

If you need to send items to us please us this address: FANTOM FILMS LTD, 92 TORBAY ROAD, ALLESLEY PARK, COVENTRY CV5 9JL


Please fill in our submission form to accompany every order: PDF or Word Document.


What items can I send in?

Anything is possible; however please note 10x8 photographs, trading cards and DVD / VHS Covers are preferable and do not incur extra handling or postal charges. We do receive books and posters, but it is best to contact us to discuss this in more detail.

How much do autographs cost?

Autographs have a minimum charge of £10 each, on occasions were we have guests which are priced above £10, these will be advertised on the website.

I would like to get a 10x8 photo signed?

Professionally printed photos are available to purchase for £5 each.

What’s the deadline for sending items in?

We ask that all items or photo requests are received by us 10 to 3 days prior to an event. We also request that items are sent using recorded postage so should the package go missing it can be tracked. We would also be grateful if you could email us so we are aware that your items are on the way to us.

What are the handling fees?

Minimum order is £30. The handling fee is now based on weight and includes return postage to a UK address. For foreign postal prices please contact us.

Large Letter rate is £7.50; Small Parcel £12.50; Medium Parcel £15.00 and Parcel £20.

What if my item gets damaged in transit?

Thankfully damage to items has been very rare. Fantom is not responsible for loss or damage made to the item during transit. All items are returned using 2nd class recorded delivery which has a maximum compensation of £50. Should you want a greater compensation value please contact us.

How do I pay?

Once the items have been signed you will be invoiced by PayPal. All items must be paid for within 7 days of receiving the invoice.

Where do I send my items to?

You will need to download this PDF (or Word Document) and list the items you are sending to us – including any dedications or special instructions you may have. This form also includes all the terms and conditions and the address you need to send your items too.