June Tickets Now On Sale

Tickets for our June Signing Spectacular have now been released. Our first two Doctor Who guests have been announced!

We are yet to discover if the current coronavirus rules will be relaxed on 21st June, therefore we are continuing to have timed slots for the moment. If it becomes clear that the rules will change, we may consider updating how this event is formatted, which could include announcing more than six guests; releasing further tickets and/or removing timed entry.

In a move to return to the traditional format this event will feature one companion actor, and a series of guest cast from the series.

We are thrilled to welcome Fifth Doctor companion SARAH SUTTON who played Nyssa (from The Keeper of Traken to Terminus, across three seasons).

Sarah has continued to play the role on audio, and also voiced the audio book version of The Moon Stallion for Fantom. Sarah played Diana Purwell in the original 1978 TV series written by Brian Hayles.

Joining Sarah is actor, MICHAEL KILGARRIFF who appeared in several television stories including The Tomb of the Cybermen and Attack of the Cybermen as the Cyber-Controller; Second Ogron in Frontier in Space and as the K1 Robot in Robot! Michael has returned to voice several Doctor Who audio books.

Michael is known for his roles in UFO, Tipping the Velvet, The Storyteller and Dark Crystal and coincidentally The Moon Stallion!

Book your tickets here!

Please note in a change to recent format, the 13:00 entry is autographs only, and the 13:20, 13:40 and 14:00 entry times include the option of a photo studio with the guests.