2021 June Signing Spectacular



In a move to return to the traditional format this event will feature one companion actor, and a series of guest cast from the series.

The safety and enjoyment of our attendees, crew and guests is paramount. Therefore, we are putting into place a number of measures, which will including social-distancing; limiting the number of guests and attendees; limited tickets and staggered entry. A full list of measures can be found here.
Don't forget if you are unable to attend you can use our pre-order service.

Pre-booking is essential as there will be no admittance without a ticketed timed entry.

Great for collectors and first time attendees alike, this is your unique opportunity to meet a vast array of Doctors, companions, guest stars and technical personnel.

Entry costs £12, and includes an exclusive gift. Places are limited and we advise to book as soon as possible - as these events are very popular.




Autograph: £10 / Photo Studio: £10


The Trial of a Time Lord (The Valeyard)

Autograph: £10 / Photo Studio: £10


The Twin Dilemma (Hugo Lang)

+ Spin-Off Audio

Autograph: £15 / Photo Studio: £15


Black Orchid (Charles Cranleigh)
Ghost Light (Redvers Fenn-Cooper)
+ Spin-Off Audio

Autograph: £10 / Photo Studio: £10


Remembrance of the Daleks (Group Captain Ian Gilmore) + Spin Off Audio

Autograph: £10 / Photo Studio: £10


The Tomb of the Cybermen (Cyber-Controller)
Frontier in Space (Second Ogron)
Robot (Robot)
Attack of the Cybermen (Cyber Controller)

Autograph: £10 / Photo Studio: £10


Script Editor & Writer

Autograph: £10

Pre-Order Signing

Unable to attend? We will get your items signed on your behalf. We are accepting item submissions for all the above guests, or 10x8 photos can be ordered for an additional £5. Discover more.

Terms and Conditions

Terms & Conditions Apply. 'Signing Spectacular' is an unofficial event and is not supported or endorsed by the copyright holders.

You can read our safety and inclusivity policy and code of conduct here