September Signing Update

Fantom Events presents a galaxy of Doctor Who stars from in front of and behind the camera this September.

Joining us on Saturday 25th September is Wendy Padbury (who played companion Zoe during the Patrick Troughton era); Sally Faulkner (Isobel in The Invasion); Gilbert Wynne (Thala in The Krotons) and Sylvia James (Make-Up Artist, Various Stories).

There will also be first time signers from the modern series of Doctor Who; Thomas Nelstrop (Ben Wainright in Blink), Abigail Canton (Wiry Woman, Utopia) and Emma Cunniffe (Claire, Night Terrors).

We will also be joined by Classic Series Director Matthew Robinson (Resurrection of the Daleks and Attack of the Cybermen), Phil Bird (Swampie in The Power of Kroll) Steven Wickham (The Caves of Androzani, Twin Dilemma and over 40 Big Finish audios) and Catherine Cusack (Blue Kang Leader, Paradise Towers).

For all the latest guest information and online ticket booking please visit our September page. But be warned there are only half a dozen tickets left!

Whilst all Covid related regulations have ended we still take precausions very seriously – these include the use of face masks (unless exempt) and hand sanitiser; as well as our hugely popular socially distanced TARDIS photo shoots!

Further Chiswick dates for 2021:
Saturday 23rd October
Saturday 27th November