Tom Baker and Mary Tamm - The Key to Time

Valiant event reunites Key to Time cast members

In 2008, at the Tabard Theatre, Chiswick, we held a celebration of thirty years of The Key to Time. Now, on the occasion of its fortieth anniversary, We shall be bringing some of the stars to Sheffield for Valiant in 2018!

From The Pirate Planet, we have DAVID WARWICK (Kimus), DAVID SIBLEY (Pralix) and ROSALIND LLOYD (Nurse).

From The Androids of Tara we present LOIS BAXTER (Lamia) and PAUL LAVERS (Farrah).

And from The Stones of Blood, we have SHIRIN TAYLOR who played a hapless camper who fell victim to the eponymous monsters. Shirin returned in 1987 to guest in Dragonfire, but we’ll hide the milkshakes when she meets Sophie.

Valiant 2018 is being held at the Workstation in Sheffield on Saturday 3rd March, and tickets are available now!