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Join us for Valiant 2018, Sheffield's premier Doctor Who event

Now in its eighth year, this single day convention features a series of stage panels where you will get to hear our celebrity guests discuss the show and answer your questions; autograph sessions where you will be able to meet your heroes and collect their autographs*; as well as a professional photo studio; merchandise; a souvenir art card; and the opportunity to socialise with other fans! This year's event focuses on the fortieth anniversary of 'The Key to Time', with a number of actors from season 16.
Unfortunately due to the severe weather in some parts of the country Peter Purves is unable to travel and attend this weekend. However we are thrilled that Dan Starkey (Strax) will be joining us in Sheffield this weekend.
Any further updates will be made via our social media.

Our Guests


Dan Starkey (Strax & other characters)

Sophie Aldred (Ace)

Sophie Aldred (Ace)


William Russell (Ian Chesterton)


Richard Franklin (Captain Yates)

Katy Manning

Bonus Guest: Katy Manning
(Jo Grant)

David Warwick (Kimus, The Pirate Planet & Police Commander, Army of Ghosts)

David Warwick
(Kimus, The Pirate Planet & Police Commander, Army of Ghosts)

Lois Baxter (Lamia, The Androids of Tara)

Lois Baxter
(Lamia, The Androids of Tara)

Paul Lavers (Farrah, The Androids of Tara)

Paul Lavers
(Farrah, The Androids of Tara)

Rosalind Lloyd (Nurse, The Pirate Planet)

Rosalind Lloyd
(Nurse, The Pirate Planet)

Nick Evans

Nick Evans (Dalek & the Slyvther in The Dalek Invasion of Earth; Didius in The Romans & Dalek in Power of the Daleks)


Christopher Robbie

Bonus Guest: Christopher Robbie 
(Karkus, The Mind Robber & Cyber-Leader, Revenge of the Cybermen)

Valiant Art Card

Each attendee will receive an exclusive art card by Alister Pearson featuring 'The Ark'


*As part of the ticket package you will receive one autograph from each celebrity guest, with the exception of Bonus Guests whose autographs are charged for separately. Extra autographs will cost between £5 - 10 dependant on guest.

Download the PROVISIONAL SCHEDULE & ATTENDEE INFORMATION (PDF) for more information.

Photography policy

Although we will be running a photographic studio, attendees are still allowed to take any photos they require at the scheduled autograph sessions where the actors will be happy to pose for pictures with fans. A professional photograph studio will be running through the weekend, from £10 a photograph. You can follow us on Twitter & Facebook for all the latest guest announcements and news!

Unfortunately Terrance Dicks, David Sibley and Shirin Taylor can no longer attend.

Pre-Order Postal Service

Unable to attend? We will get your items signed on your behalf. We are accepting item submissions for all the above guests, or 10x8 photos can be ordered for an additional £5. Discover more.

Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions Apply. No refunds. Guests subject to work commitments. Guests may have merchandise such as photographs on sale and charge for extra signatures. The ticket holder must be in attendance to redeem the one inclusive autograph. Autographs from Bonus guests not included in the ticket package. Autographs are non-transferable by proxy. Tickets are non-transferable and cannot be resold. Attendees are not permitted to promote alternative events (through means of leafleting or otherwise) - anyone found doing so will be asked to leave. This event is 100% unofficial event and is not supported or endorsed by the copyright holders. Other terms and conditions may apply at the discretion of the organisers.