Time Space Visualiser IV Treats

Avenue Who, Review of Death and more features for Saturday’s Time Space Visualiser virtual Doctor Who convention now revealed!

With less than twenty-four hours to go until our fourth online convention, we are pleased to announce further features for the day.

We have an upgraded interview with monster man JON DAVEY, and delve into the Fantom vaults for a vintage stage panel with PETER CRAZE, HUGH WALTERS and TREVOR MARTIN. We will also have a chat with GEOFFREY BEEVERS, who will be discussing his writing work.

MATTHEW DOE from Toy Box Treasures will be talking about Doctor Who props and collectables; and has kindly offered some prizes which shall be up for grabs on the day.

We shall also be joined by the REVIEW OF DEATH, who will be taking on the age old question of Daleks or Cybermen and AVENUE WHO will be back for more Doctor Who puppetry fun.

Back in the studio, P-BAL will have some more perplexing questions in his quiz, we shall be hearing the thoughts of the Fantom crew on who they would like to see play the next Doctor! We also reveal the winner of our short story competition, and see the reading by ANNETTE BADLAND!

If that isn’t enough Who for one day, we shall then be heading over to @tardis_monkey’s Five Doctors tweet along from 7pm using the hashtag #GameOfRassilon

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