The Unsung Heroes of Doctor Who

A brand new season of ‘The Unsung Heroes of Doctor Who’ begins this week! FREE to view on YouTube!

During lockdown Fantom produced over 75 hours of material taking a look at the behind the scenes story of Doctor Who with the people who contributed to the making on the series through our exclusive videos and live Time Space Visualiser conventions all for FREE on YouTube.

One of the standout strands during this time was our ‘The Unsung Heroes of Doctor Who’ features, where presenter Alex Moore talked to those members of cast and crew you probably wouldn’t have heard from before.

Alex Moore returns for a second series of episodes premiering 6pm every week night on our YouTube channel completely FREE!

This week’s episodes:


James is a busy documentary maker and writer, although he still uses what he learnt in his time working at the BBC in his work today. ‘Doctor Who’ was clearly an enjoyable and busy show to work on, but in one episode he also found him unintentionally in front of the camera. He talks about finding himself inside a Dalek as well as the challenges of marking out the jungle of Zeta Minor in the rehearsal room.


Elen was there at the very beginning of ‘Doctor Who’ when it came back in 2005, and amongst other characters played a Weeping Angel in ‘Blink’. It was this experience of a lengthy and intricate makeup which particularly inspired her to move behind the camera as a makeup artist herself. Elen has not stopped since, working on shows such as ‘Will, ‘Poldark’ and more recently ‘The Crown’. When not busy on set she is also a singer and songwriter, releasing her first album ‘Beautifully Imperfect’ this year.

Wednesday CLEM SO

Clem is no strange to science fiction and fantasy having worked across many well-known films and television series. He is certainly someone you’ll recognise from his work on ‘Doctor Who’ having had many featured parts particularly during Peter Capaldi’s time as the Doctor. You might also have seen him in the new ‘Star Wars’ films and many of the Marvel films, particularly ‘Doctor Strange’. As well as being a busy support artist he is also a painter, a skill which has come in handy on set.


Starting out on programs such as ‘Juliet Bravo’, ‘Howard’s Way’ and ‘Blaeks’7’ to mention a few, Chris worked his way through the BBC across a range of shows. He would eventually find himself working alongside the likes of Verity Lambert on ‘Jonathan Creek’, before a four week trip abroad for filming led him to leave the BBC and work in both Cambodia and Vietnam. Along the way through, Chris encountered the challenges of working both swampies and three Doctors.


A man of many talents, Jamie is a writer, director, producer and actor. Having started off as a supporting artist on shows such as ‘Casualty’ and more recently ‘Industry’ and of course ‘Doctor Who, Jamie has been in and around the television and film industry for a long time. Through doing this he has learnt how it all works and been able to move behind the camera to develop his own projects. Whilst still acting, his writing and directing work is in high demand.