The Unsung Heroes of Doctor Who

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This week’s episodes:


Colum is a man of many talents, novelist, actor, lecturer, musician and songwriter doesn’t begin to cover everything he has done. Whilst actor was an early love for him he found himself replying on what he learnt alongside Kylie Minogue on his first ‘Doctor Who’ story. After that he went on to double David Tennant in a number of stories. Having moved away from television is has contuined to do what he loves.


Professional nonsense maker as he describes himself, Jimmy is no stranger to ‘Doctor Who’ having grown up watching the show. His time working on ‘Doctor Who’ lead to him working alongside a number of classic monsters such as the Ice Warriors and Mondasian Cybermen, as well as being part of the team behind many new characters. He has since gone on to work on ‘Game of Thrones’, putting into practise much of what he learnt working on ‘Doctor Who’.


Much like many of the BBC staff at the time, Michael worked across a wide range of shows, such as ‘Bergerac’, ‘The Singing Detective, ‘Last of the Summer Wine’ and of course ‘Doctor Who’. His experience of the show was certainly shaped by the impact of the general election which made it perhaps even more challenging that it should have been, the Myrka aside. Michael’s level headed approach led him to produce by the mid-1990s, but more recently he has finally become a theatre director, something which he had always wanted to do, working extensively with amateur theatre companies in London.


Starting at the BBC in the early 1960s, you’d struggle to find an iconic BBC series Michael hasn’t worked on. His time at the BBC started off with the very first episode of ‘Doctor Who’ as well as the early series of ‘Dad’s Army’. Working across light entertainment, drama and comedy, Michael has worked with everyone from Bruce Forsyth to The Goodies, as well as having a long association with Jimmy Perry and David Croft. Michael is a BAFTA winning sound designer for his work with The Two Ronnies and ‘The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy’. Still busy working, more recently he was responsible for The Queen’s 80th Birthday Children’s Party at the Buckingham Palace.


Now perhaps best known for her work as a props buyer on shows such as ‘Quiz’, ‘Downton Abbey’, and ‘Luther’, Pauline started off in production and it was whilst responsible for the running of the filming that she first became interested in props. As a directors assistant and assistant floor manager she worked across science fiction and a lot of comedy, but along the way was part of the team who setup ‘Casualty’; no easy feat by any means.