November Signing Spectacular

Carole Ann Ford, John Leeson & Richard Wilson join us this Saturday for our last event of the year.

Hurry as there are only limited tickets available for our November Signing Spectacular in Chiswick. Joining us are a host of famous faces including…

CAROLE ANN FORD who played the original Who Girl, Susan (1963-64) Granddaughter of the Doctor!
JOHN LEESON voice of K9 on screen and all its various spin offs.
RICHARD WILSON who played Dr Constantine in The Empty Child & The Doctor Dances, however he is probably best known for his roles in Only When I Laugh, Merlin & One Foot in the Grave.
Space 1999’s CATHERINE SCHELL who is better known to Whovians as Countess Scarlioni in City of Death will also be promoting her autobiographies at the event.
And SHIRIN TAYLOR (Dragonfire / The Stones of Blood), CHRIS JURY (The Greatest Show in the Galaxy), DANIEL HILL (Shada) and Dalek Operators MIKE MUNGARVAN and NICK EVANS.

Also, we are thrilled to be launching GEOFFREY BEEVERS’ new novel SUPERSEEDS which will be given away free to every attendee as part of the £12 entry fee. Not only this Geoffrey will sign it free of charge!

Autographs start at only £5 each; and will shall be running a professional photo studio through out the day (£15 each and includes 10×8 print out and free JPG!).

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