Classic Cybermen Invade Chiswick!

Some of Doctor Who’s series eleven guest stars and a rare Sixties Cyber-reunion are headed for Chiswick this February!

Hot off the back of the latest series of Doctor Who, we are pleased to be bringing you appearances by DAVID SHIELDS from The Tsuranga Conundrum and Mr Tim Shaw himself SAMUEL OATLEY! We are also welcoming Jaz’s Nani
Umbreen, LEENA DHINGRA, who made an earlier appearance as the ill-fated Miss Chandrakala in the David Tennant story The Unicorn and the Wasp.

JOHN LEVENE will be joined by two of his fellow Moonbase Cybermen; DEREK CHAFER and BARRY NOBLE. This is a very rare opportunity to meet these three actors from a classic Sixties story together!

Also appearing will be Terileptil leader MICHAEL MELIA, fresh from the recently released Season 19 blu ray, COLIN STINTON from The Sound of Drums, CHRIS GUARD from The Greatest Show In The Galaxy!

Tickets are on sale now, with more names to be added soon!