August Signing Spectacular

We continue to present our socially distanced Chiswick signing events with a pair of The Doctor’s most loyal companions!

Joining us on Saturday 22nd August at St.Michael’s Centre in Chiswick are Katy Manning, who played Jo, companion to the Third Doctor and Sophie Aldred, who was Seventh Doctor companion Ace.

Also joining us will be Debbie Chazen, who was the ill-fated Foon Van Hoff in the 2007 Christmas Special Voyage of the Damned. Debbie also kindly read a number of stories for our online Time Space Visualiser events during lockdown.

We will also be joined by Robin Squire, who as well as acting as an assistant script editor on Spearhead from Space, also appeared on screen as and Auton. He also had roles in The Daemons, Full Circle and Logopolis.

As with last month’s signing, we have a number of measures in place to make sure this is a safe event for attendees and guests, including timed entry, face visors and sanitising stations. You can read our full guidance here.

If you are unable to attend our events don’t forget you can use our pre-order service. There are further dates in September, October and November and tickets will be made available in due course.