Time Space Visualiser Reloaded

We celebrate the anniversary of Doctor Who’s first broadcast in 1963 with FREE YouTube content launched across the weekend.

Earlier this year, Fantom broadcast ten live Doctor Who events featuring hours of material with the timelord’s faithful cast and crew. We were unable to include everything we produced and this weekend in celebration of the TARDIS’ 57th Birthday we shall be releasing this material for FREE.

This includes unseen interviews with Raquel Cassidy; David Ames; Trevor Cooper & Ian Hallard; Louise Page; Jason Haigh Ellery; Keith Boak and Tom MacRae which were not included in the original Time Space Visualiser events.

We shall also be hosting videos rarely seen conventions panels from Louise Jameson, Matthew Waterhouse, Sarah Sutton, Rula Lenska, Mary McMillen and Jane Sherwin as well as the cast of Planet of the Daleks and The Dalek Invasion of Earth.

This year hasn’t been an easy one and we hope to spread a little Fantom joy ahead of the festive season. The fun kick starts 19:00 Friday on our YouTube channel and runs through to Monday evening. Don’t forget to subscribe and click the alert bell so you don’t miss a thing!

Keep a look out for competitions hosted on our social media platforms too!


19:00 David Ames (Part 2) NEW Watch Here.

20:00 Battlefield Reunion (with Sophie Aldred & Angela Bruce) Originally broadcast as part of TSV. Watch Here.

21:00 Planet of the Daleks Reunion (with Tim Preece and Jane How) UNSEEN Watch Here.


12:00 Frances White Interview. Originally shown as part of TSV. Watch Here.

13:00 An archive convention panel featuring Rula Lenska & Brigit Forsyth. Watch Here.

14:00 Raquel Cassidy Interview (Part 1). Originally shown as part of TSV. Watch Here.

15:00 Dimensions in Time… is it canon? originally shown as part of TSV. Watch Here.

16:00 Keith Boak Interview (Part 1). Originally shown as part of TSV. Watch Here.

17:00 Raquel Cassidy Interview (Part 2) NEW Watch Here.

18:00 The Talons of Weng-Chiang Cast reunion with Louise Jameson, Conrad Asquith and David McKail. Watch Here.

19:00 The Robot of Sherwood: Trevor Cooper and Ian Hallard Interviewed! (Part 1) Watch Here.

20:00 Paul Marc Davies Interview. Originally shown on TSV. Watch Here.


11:00 Richard Martin and Nick Evans discuss The Dalek Invasion of Earth in this archive convention panel. Watch Here.

12:00 The first part of our interview with Jason Haigh-Ellery discussing the origins of Big Finish. Watch Here.

13:00 Richard Ashton Interview. Watch Here.

14:00 War Games Cast Reunion. Watch Here.

15:00 Trevor Laird and Gordon Warnecke Interview. Watch Here.

16:00 The second instalment of our interview with Keith Boak. NEW Watch Here.

17:00 Ian Hallard and Trevor Cooper Interview (Part 2) NEW Watch Here.

18:00 Archive interview with Maggie Stables and India Fisher. Watch Here.

19:00 Sarah Sutton, Matthew Waterhouse and Terry Molloy Interview. Watch Here.

20:00 Jason Haigh-Ellery Interview (Part 2) NEW Watch Here.


11:00 Stars of Doctor Who pick there favourite monsters! Watch Here.

12:00 Louise Page Interview (Part 1) Watch Here.

13:00 Darren Fereday Interview. Watch Here.

14:00 Hayley Nebauer Interview. Watch Here.

15:00 Bryan Hands Interview. Watch Here.

16:00 Louise Page (Part 2) New. Watch Here.

17:15 Who Talk: An Unearthly Child (Episode One) with Waris Hussein. Watch Here.