Time Space Visualiser Update #3

We are thrilled to reveal which archive interviews we will be live streaming this Saturday for Time Space Visualiser.

Fantom has delved deep into the vaults to show you three very special panels from past conventions – not seen since!

We will be showing a panel from 2013 with CHRISTOPHER BENJAMIN and the late TREVOR BAXTER best known as the Victorian adventurers Jago and Litefoot made infamous in the 1977 tale, The Talons of Weng-Chiang and several spin-off audio plays.

We pay tribute to TERRANCE DICKS with a stage panel with CHRISTOPHER BARRY recorded at Aldbourne (the location for The Daemons) in 2011.

And finally we present the Troughton Trio; FRAZER HINES, WENDY PADBURY and DEBORAH WATLING discussing the era on stage, from 2013.

We also have a piece from Review of Death’s Billy Garratt-John discussing Doctor Who animations and Josh Snares will be joining us to update us on his colourisation and animations elements of Dalek’s Master Plan.

You can watch us live from 14:00 this Saturday. We shall be streaming through our YouTube channel, and segments will be available to watch after the event.