Prepare yourself for a week of Doctor Who entertainment from Fantom as we bring you our Bank Holiday spectacular!

As the temperature rises outside, we’ve got a scorching week ahead for Doctor Who fans with a series of fantastic free video presentations for everybody to enjoy.

We kick off on Bank Holiday Monday with Time Space Visualiser 7. This will be the usual mixture of brand-new interviews and features, with a variety of guests from all eras of the programme. We go live at a new time of 17:00, details to be revealed over the weekend.

Across the week we will be premiering new episodes of Alex Moore’s ongoing series The Unsung Heroes of Doctor Who at 18:00. On Tuesday at 20:00, we’ll be live streaming a further three episodes.

On Wednesday we have Time Space Visualiser 8: The Enemy Within, a mini presentation celebrating the 1996 television movie, which will be broadcast after TARDIS Monkey’s anniversary Tweetalong at 20:45. For more information about the tweet along follow the hashtag #ItsAboutTime.

On Thursday there will be another Fantom Zoom Pub Quiz for everyone to join in with; the questions will be fiendish, but the faces will be friendly! The quiz will start at 20:15, to pre-register email us here.

On Friday evening at 20:00 is Time Space Visualiser 9: The Wilderness Years, a mini presentation taking a look at what happened during the period between Survival and Rose!

Then on Saturday we bring the week’s entertainment to a close with Time Space Visualiser 10. Join Dexter and Paul, and Jason in Social Hub from 17:00.

So, fasten your seatbelts, and pin on you Target reader badge, because it’s a packed week ahead!

Don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel, and you can join in the conversation using the hashtag #TimeSpaceVisualiser.