The Unsung Heroes of Doctor Who

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This week's episodes:


Any set today be it film or television is like a small army. Runners are often at the very heart of it all, working alongside the actors and supporting the director. Alice talks about the joys and challenges of it all as both a runner and standby props on set, as well as dealing with busy crowd days on some of the biggest productions in Wales. Alice also demonstrates what you can do with a Geography degree, as she’s been to many fictional worlds, places and times.


Starting off as a young, enthusiastic supporting artiste, Miles made the most of his time on set working alongside many great actors. He eventually found himself the other side of the camera, after research job on ‘Going for Gold’ lead him to become a director and producer, working in comedy, alongside the likes of Lee Evans and Rob Brydon. Along the way he played football against David Jason, encountered the infamous Trevor Eve and worked on the last ever episode of ‘It Ain’t Half Hot Mum’.


Bernie encountered many well-known series in his time at the BBC, such as ‘Z Cars’, ‘Top of the Pops’ and of course ‘Doctor Who’. He talks about the joys of teaching some of what he learnt at the BBC today, as well as the convenience of recording as life when trying to get to the bar before it closed. It was during his time in presentations that he watched a tape from a failed ‘Blue Peter’ presenter audition and Philip Schofield’s Broom Cupboard was born.


Having worked with many comedy grates such as Stephen Merchant and Ricky Gervais, Matthew is no stranger to comedy. It is perhaps unsurprising that he has dabbled in comedy himself and as part of that developed his impression of Brian Blessed. He talks about how an unexpected phone call to work on ‘The Graham Norton Show’ led to his work on ‘Coming of Age’, the challenge of representing himself as an actor and being told to be less camp on ‘Doctor Who’.


No stranger to comedy, science fiction and period productions, Jill has enjoyed the full range of genres. Working extensively with David Croft and Jimmy Perry, as well as many other comedians, she talks about just how serious comedy is and the challenges of little time when it comes to period styles. Her time on ‘Doctor Who’ led to write a book about hair and makeup with Elisabeth Sladen and also taught her the importance of sweets when it comes to Cybermen.