Fantom Events have added two further dates to our Signing Specular event calendar this May and June in Chiswick.

Our 30th June event takes the theme of Season 12 to tie in with the release of Tom Baker’s first season on Blu-ray.

Guests include MICHAEL KILGARRIFF (K1 Robot, Robot; Second Ogron, Frontier in Space; Cyber-Controller, The Tomb of the Cybermen & Attack of the Cybermen), CHISTOPHER ROBBIE (Cyber-Leader, Revenge of the Cybermen; Karkus, The Mindrobber), MELVILLE JONES (Cyberman, Revenge of the Cybermen; Guard, The Time Monster), PHILIP HINCHCLIFFE (Producer) and ROGER MURRAY-LEACH (Production Designer).

Further guests will be revealed very soon. Entry tickets are selling fast.

Our May Signing Spectacular takes place on Saturday 19th May 2018 at our usual venue, St. Michael’s Centre in Chiswick, London. Entry tickets cost £10 and are now available, guests to be announced!

Finally, we have revealed further names for our April event including CLIVE MERRISON (Jim Callum, The Tomb of the Cybermen; Chief Caretaker, Paradise Towers), ALICE HEWKIN (Felicity, Knock Knock) and ROBERT ALDOUS (Insurgent, The Dalek Invasion of Earth) for a full list of guests and ticket booking click here.