Private Signing: Lalla Ward


Pleased to offer the opportunity to get items signed by Lalla Ward, best known as Romana in Doctor Who.

Lalla began her acting career in the Hammer horror film Vampire Circus (1972). Her television work included The Upper Crusts (1973) as the daughter of Margaret Leighton and Charles Gray, Van der Valk (1973), The Protectors (1973), Quiller (1975), Who Pays the Ferryman? (1977), The Professionals (1978) Hazell (1979) and played Lottie, the teenage daughter of Louisa Trotter in The Duchess of Duke Street. In 1980, she played Ophelia to Derek Jacobi’s BBC’s Hamlet.

Lalla play the Time Lady Romana II. After a guest appearance as Princess Astra in the Doctor Who story The Armageddon Factor in 1979, and replaced Mary Tamm. She appeared in all of Season 17’s stories and then left the series in the third to last story of Season 18 in the story entitled Warriors’ Gate.

Your items need to be with us by 24th November; autographs on personal items £10 each plus handling charge – see here for details. Signed 10×8 photos also available.