Get your Season 23 Signed!

Pre-order your copy of Doctor Who Season 23 Blu-ray signed by Bonnie Langford, Michael Jayston, Eric Saward and others!

You can purchase a copy of signed by companion Bonnie Langford (priced £60) either delivered to your door for immediate dispatch or for collection at our event on 26th October.

You can also purchase a copy signed by all members of the cast and crew in attendance including Michael Jayston, Ton Chadbon, Patrick Ryecart, Alibe Parsons, Simon Slater, Sion Tudor Owen, Eric Saward and Dominic Glynn.

All purchases will come with a AFTAL certificate of authenticity.

Already got your copy of Season 23, worry not! You can send in items using our pre-order service – details of which can be found here.

For a full breakdown of who is attending our October Signing Spectacular you can visit the page here.