New Pandemic Guidance for Forthcoming Events

Your safety at our events is paramount to us; so we have updated our pandemic guidance for forthcoming events.

We are looking forward to a fantastic and uninterrupted year of events here at Fantom. To maintain and keep everyone safe we are re-establishing some of the precautionary measures.

  • All attendees, crew and guests to wear face masks or visors whilst at an event, unless you are medically exempt.
  • You will be required to show your covid passport or NHS documentation showing proof of a double vaccination and/or a negative lateral flow test. Without this you will be refused entry.
  • We will maintain our social distancing measures such as 2m table gaps when meeting guests, as well as the TARDIS photo studios which create a natural barrier between guest and attendee.¬†Photography or selfies are not allowed. No physical contact (such as hugging or shaking hands) is allowed.
  • We will continue to clean high touch point areas and maintain natural air flow throughout the venue where possible.¬†There will be hand sanitizer available at various points throughout the building.
  • If an attendee, crew member or guest feels unwell 24 hours prior to the event they must inform us and will be asked not to attend.

These measures are designed to be keep the crew, our guests and other attendees as safe as possible without making the experience complex or difficult. Our Chiswick events usually have no more than 80 people in attendance, and our single day and weekend events have no more than 150 people.

Should we be required we will make additional changes to our pandemic planning; but these measures will stay in place until further notice.