Murder in the Afternoon

This Sunday we investigate the world of Agatha Christie on Television with a special live stream broadcast on YouTube.

This three-hour show will include in depth interviews with Philip Jackson (Inspector Japp) and Hugh Fraser (Captain Hastings) from ITV’s Poirot, as we delve deep into what made this adaptation of Christie’s work so successful.

From the BBC’s Miss Marple we are joined by David Horovitch (Inspector Slack) and Ian Brimble (Sergeant Lake) as well as series producer George Gallaccio and film editor Bernard Ashby. We are also joined by Mark Aldridge, author of ‘Agatha Christie on Screen’.

Keep an eye on our social media for further announcements during the week.

Join us at 14:00 BST on Sunday 17th May 2020 for ‘Murder in the Afternoon’ as we look back at some of the most iconic British crime serials on television.