2022 January Signing Spectacular



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Great for collectors and first time attendees alike, this is your unique opportunity to meet a vast array of Doctors, companions, guest stars and technical personnel.

Entry costs £15, and includes a free gift. Places are limited and we advise to book as soon as possible, as these events are very popular.

Important: From January 2022, you will be required to show vaccination status or proof of a negative lateral flow test. For all our pandemic guidance CLICK HERE.



Mel Bush

Autograph: £10 (Session 1)

Photo Studio: £10 (Duo with Michael Jayston £20)


The Twin Dilemma (Hugo Lang) & Professor Eustacius Jericho (Flux)

Autograph: £15 (Session 2)

Photo Studio: £15


The Valeyard

Autograph: £10 (Session 1)

Photo Studio: £10 (Duo with Bonnie Langford £20)


Galaxy Four (Drahvin)

Autograph: £10 (Session 1)

Photo Studio: £10


Destiny of the Daleks (Davros)

Autograph: £10 (Session 1)

Photo Studio: £10


Warriors of the Deep (Tarpok) & Village of the Angels (Gerald)

Autograph: £10 (Session 2)

Photo Studio: £10 (Duo with Jemma Churchill £20)


Village of the Angels (Jean)
The Five(ish) Doctors Reboot (Herself) and Big Finish

Autograph: £10 (Session 2)

Photo Studio: £10 (Duo with Vincent Brimble £20)


The Horns of Nimon (Sorak); The Myth Makers (Citizen of Troy) & The Ark (Slave Guardian)

Autograph: £10 (Session 2)

Photo Studio: £10


Kerblam! (Charlie Duffy) & The Eternal Mystery (Rex)

Autograph: £10 (Session 1)

Photo Studio £10


Listen (Reg); Nightmare of Eden (Mandrel); Full Circle (Citizen); Arc of Infinity (Gallifreyan); Enlightenment (Party Guest); Frontios (Colonist); Resurrection of the Daleks (Crew-Member) & Terror of the Vervoids (Loader/Hyperion III Officer)

Autograph: £10 (Session 2)

Photo Studio: £10


Destiny of the Daleks (Dalek); Terror of the Vervoids (Duty Officer); The Mutants (Mutt);
The Face of Evil (Sevateem Guard); The Invasion of Time (Outcast Time Lord); The Stones of Blood (Druid); The Androids of Tara (Gracht Guard); City of Death (Detective in Louvre); The Leisure Hive (Pangol Image); Full Circle (Citizen); Warriors' Gate (Kilroy); Kinda (Kinda Hostage); The King's Demons (Knight); Resurrection of the Daleks (Soldier); The Twin Dilemma (Jacondan); Mindwarp (Resistance Fighter); Time and the Rani (Tetrap/Lakertyan/Genius); Silver Nemesis (Policeman)

Autograph: £10 (Session 1)

Photo Studio: £10


Genesis of the Daleks & City of Death (Production Assistant)

Autograph: £10 (Time TBC)

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