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Now in our tenth year, Utopia returns to the idyllic Eynsham Hall in Oxfordshire for a special anniversary event with an extended programme of events. This is your unique opportunity to meet a variety of cast and crew from Doctor Who’s rich 54 year history in a relaxed and informal atmosphere.

As well as the usual stage panels, autograph and photo sessions and evening entertainment, we also run a series of smaller interview/discussion or live commentary sessions with your favourite guests. These will provide a rare chance to get up close to the stars in an informal environment and are strictly limited to only twelve attendees per session.


Lalla Ward

Fourth Doctor Companion

Wendy Padbury

Second Doctor Companion

Sarah Sutton

Fourth & Fifth Doctor Companion


Fifth Doctor Companion

Julian Glover

Richard the Lionheart, The Crusade
Scaroth, City of Death

Felicity Gibson

Kando, The Dominators

Geoffrey Beevers

Johnson, The Ambassadors of Death
The Master, The Keeper of Traken
plus various audio plays

Roberta Tovey

Susan, The Dalek Movies

Catherine Schell

Countess Scarlioni, City of Death

Catherine is a BONUS guest and her autograph will be available upon purchase of a qualifying item.

Giles Block

Teel, The Dominators

Polly James

Jane Hampden, The Awakening

Greg Austin

Charlie Smith, Class

David Graham

Charlie, The Gunfighters
Professor Fyodor Nikolai Kerensky, City of Death
Voice for Daleks in The Daleks; The Dalek Invasion of Earth; The Chase; Mission to the Unknown and The Daleks' Master Plan

Graham Cole

Marshman, Full Circle
Melkur, The Keeper of Traken & Time-Flight
Cyberman, Earthshock & The Five Doctors
Plus others

Sophie Hopkins

April MacLean, Class

Fady Elsayed

Ram Singh, Class

Richard Ashton

Friday, The Empress of Mars


Companion Ben Jackson for Big Finish Audio


Director, An Unearthly Child & Marco Polo

Steve Bryant

BBC Television Archive 1988-98

Sylvia James

Make Up, The Savages; The Abominable Snowmen; The Ice Warriors; The Enemy of the World; The Web of Fear; Fury from the Deep; The Wheel in Space; The Dominators; The Mind Robber; The Invasion; The Krotons; The Seeds of Death; The Space Pirates; The War Games; The Curse of Peladon; The Sea Devils; The Ark in Space; The Sontaran Experiment; Genesis of the Daleks & Terror of the Zygons

June Hudson

Costume Designer, The Ribos Operation; Destiny of the Daleks;
The Creature from the Pit; The Horns of Nimon; The Leisure Hive;
Meglos; Warriors' Gate & Logopolis

Doreen James

Costume Designer, The Androids of Tara & City of Death

John Bloomfield

Costume Designer, The Face of Evil & The Talons of Weng-Chiang

Steve Roberts

Restoration Team

Mark Aryes

Restoration Team
Composer, The Greatest Show in the Galaxy; Ghost Light and The Curse of Fenric

Peter Crocker

Restoration Team

Paul Vanezis

Restoration Team

Matt Fitton


Mark Wright



This year’s event will begin at 12noon Friday 8th June and will run straight through to 5pm Sunday 10th June.

Convention features include:
Stage Talks with Celebrity Guests
Inclusive Workshops
Live Commentaries
Evening Entertainment
Photo Opportunities
& Autographs

Please see below for full terms and conditions.

Extra Autographs and Photo Studio opportunities will be available to purchase over the weekend.

Gold Day Pass

£75 inc. VAT

Utopia sold out

£75 inc. VAT
Utopia sold out

- TWO FREE autographs per GUEST signing on your specific day
- Entry to all Stage Panels
- Access to a selection of secondary sessions
- Souvenir Programme

Weekend Tickets

Weekend Tickets are now sold out.

Utopia sold out

£149 inc. VAT

- TWO FREE autographs per GUEST
- Entry to all Stage Panels
- Access to a selection of secondary sessions
- Evening Entertainment
- Exclusive Merchandise
- Souvenir Programme

Utopia sold out

£129 inc. VAT

- ONE FREE autographs per GUEST
- Entry to all Stage Panels
- Access to a selection of secondary sessions
- Evening Entertainment
- Souvenir Programme

Eynsham Hall

Hotel and Venue

Standing proud amid over 3,000 acres of rolling parkland, Eynsham Hall is a shining reminder of a time gone by, and provides a perfect retreat into elegance and luxury just a few miles from the centre of Oxford. The Hall has a fascinating history starting in the early 1700’s when Willoughby Lacey, a wealthy local landowner, decided to enclose a huge section of his land in order to create the ultimate space in which to entertain guests, and pursue the popular outdoor sports of the day.


How to get there

By car

Eynsham Hall Country House Hotel and Conference Centre Oxfordshire is not in Eynsham, but North Leigh, situated on the A4095 between Witney and Woodstock.

Alternative postcode for SAT NAV is OX29 6SL

By train

There are regular direct trains from London Paddington (which passes through Slough, Reading and Oxford).

Hanborough train station is located 3 miles away from Eynsham Hall, in the nearby village of Long Hanborough. This station has no taxi rank, but local taxi firms can easily provide service to and from the station. The number 11 and the number 242 Stagecoach buses also have nearby stops on the main road to the left of the station.


Eynsham Hall
North Leigh


OX29 6PN 


Single Room Rates

Main Hall Exec: £135 per night 

Superior: £165 per night  

Standard: £118.50 per night  

Double Room Rates

Main Hall Exec: £157 per night 

Superior: £187er night  

Standard: £141 per night 

All rates include Dinner, Bed and Breakfast.  

Hotel Reservations can be contacted on 01993 885200. 

Important: You will need to give the reception your eight digit ticket purchase number in order to access the special discount rates.  

Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions Apply 

Additional T&Cs: The ticket holder must be in attendance to redeem the inclusive autographs and are non-transferable by proxy. Child Tickets are available for 15 years old and under. Autographs from Bonus guests are not included in the ticket package. Not all guests will be appearing all days. Inclusive autographs (number dependant on which ticket package you choose) are included in the admission price, however if you wish to purchase additional autographs, vouchers will be available on the day.  

Although we will be running a photographic studio, attendees are still allowed to take any photos they require at the scheduled autograph sessions where the actors will be happy to pose for pictures with fans.

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