Time Space Visualiser

Join us on 28th March for a event like no other, streamed across the universe direct to your home.

Time Space Visualiser is a one-day event streamed across the internet allowing every Doctor Who fan to join in across the world from the comfort of their living rooms for FREE! Fantom will be streaming archival interviews and brand-new material; together with social interaction with viewers and your chance to win some amazing prizes.

Details of what you can expect will be announced over the forthcoming days.

“The show must go on…” announces Company Director Dexter O’Neill. “Unfortunately, due to the social distancing measures advised by the government we have had to postpone a couple of events, however the moment has been prepared for.”

“It is important to stay together and socialise as a community – and this platform will allow us to come together and experience rarely seen and new material, interacting with each other through live hosted segments.”

So join us at 14:00 GMT on Saturday 28th March at www.fantomevents.co.uk. For all the latest news follow us on social media using #timespacevisualiser or join our mailing list.

During this period Fantom Publishing has also introduced a 25% discount code which is valid until the end of the month as well as making 50 audio titles available for download at a low price of £1.99.