To celebrate the release of the final classic season of Doctor Who on Blu-ray join us this Saturday! We are thrilled to welcome eleven stars including companion SOPHIE ALDRED who played Ace!

Our two key reunions will see SHARON DUCE, MICHAEL COCHRANE and JOHN NETTLETON join together from Ghost Light and LISA BOWERMAN, SAKUNTALA RAMANEE, DAVID JOHN and KATE EATON join us from Survival. From Battlefield we are joined by ROBERT JEZEK and from The Curse of Fenric we are joined by CHRISITIEN ANHOLT.

We also have STUART MILLIGAN joining us who played Richard Nixon in the Impossible Astronaut and Day of the Moon; and Radiophonics Master DICK MILLS.

Autographs start from £5 each. We will also be running a photo studio, individual shots will cost £10 each whilst cast reunion shots will cost only £20 each. See website for times and further details. 

We will have copies of the set available to purchase at the event for only £42; but fear not if you can not attend you can always purchase a signed copy via our website...

You can now pre-order your Blu-ray via our website for collection at the event; a limited number of copies will be available to purchase on the day.
If you are unable to attend we are also offering the chance to purchase copies signed by either SOPHIE ALDRED or by all the cast in attendance. These will be shipped Monday. Discover More.