Michael Craig Private Signing

Fantom Events present a private signing with actor Michael Craig, best known to Doctor Who fans as Commodore Travers.

UPDATE: 11/03/24 This private signing has now closed! 

Groomed as a star by the Rank organisation, Michael appeared in a number of films, including Campbell's Kingdom (1957), Sea of Sand (1958), The Silent Enemy (1958), Sapphire (1959), Doctor in Love (1960), Mysterious Island (1961), The Iron Maiden (1962), Modesty Blaise (1966), Turkey Shoot (1982), Ride a Wild Pony (1975) and Appointment with Death (1988). His television credits include appearing in: Arthur of the Britons (1973), The Emigrants (1976), Rush (1976), The Professionals (1980), Shoestring (1980), The Timeless Land (1980), Triangle (1981–83), Tales of the Unexpected (1982) and Robin of Sherwood (1986).

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