Pandorica 2019 – Limited Tickets

With less than a month to go, entry tickets for Pandorica 2019 are now very limited! Day tickets available!

To kick start a week of great announcements for Pandorica 2019, we can confirm that a limited number of DAY ONLY tickets are available. We have had many enquiries for people only able to attend Pandorica for a single day due to prior commitments, so we are pleased to offer Mondas and Skaro options.

Mondas tickets (which allow you access to the event and all stage activities*) are only £29 each, whilst Skaro tickets (which includes one autograph from each inclusive guest*) are only £59. Please note that not all guests will be appearing both days, and a day ticket will give you access to approximately half of the guests advertised.

We have less than 20 attendee spaces left for our weekend tickets; so now is the time to book before they are all gone!

Don’t forget if you aren’t able to attend Pandorica you can use our Pre-Order service where you can send in your own personal items such as DVD covers or photos to get signed for the guests.

*See ticket specification for details.