We’re back in Chiswick this Saturday with a galaxy of stars guaranteed to warm up a cold wintery February!

We’re excited to be bringing a variety of different reunions this Saturday, the first being a number of guests from the popular Pertwee Peladon saga.

KATY MANNING, aka Jo Grant or Princess Josephine of TARDIS, will be joined by DAVID TROUGHTON (King Peladon), SONNY CALDINEZ (Ssorg/Sskel), DONALD GEE (Eckersley), RALPH WATSON (Ettis) and WENDY DANVERS (Amazonia).

We’re also reuniting MICHELLE COLLINS and MATTHEW CHAMBERS, who were husband and wife in the David Tennant story 42. From the same season we have ERIC LOREN, who was Mr Diagoras and Dalek Sec Hybrid from the Dalek two-parter.

DEREK CHAFER and STEVE ISMAY have played dozens of different parts in the show, including Cybermen, as well as appearing together as Exxillons in the Jon Pertee classic Death to the Daleks.

Bringing us forward to the Peter Capaldi era, we have the Surgeon and Nurse from World Enough and Time in the form of PAUL BRIGHTWELL and ALISON LINTOTT.

Completing the line-up we have CHRISTOPHER RYAN who has appeared in both Classic and New Series Who, and SUSAN SKIPPER, who appeared in the Tom Baker story The Armageddon Factor.

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