Doctor Who on Blu-ray

Rare and Deleted Doctor Who Blu-rays are still available from Fantom, signed by the Series Regulars, Cast and Crew!

Still searching for that elusive Doctor Who Blu-ray set? Fantom have a small number still available signed by the Cast and Crew who have attended our various launches over the past 18 months.

SEASON 10 is still available signed by Katy Manning, John Levene, Richard Franklin, Tim Preece, Stewart Bevan, Mitzi McKenzie, Jane How, Jenny McCracken, Michael Kilgarriff, Graeme Harper, David Tilley, Brian Hodgson, Patricia Prior and Laurie Webb.

SEASON 18 signed by Sarah Sutton, John Leeson, Crawford Logan, Bernard Padden, June Page, Andrew Smith, Andrew Forbes, Keith Guest, Rachel Davies, Dean Allen, Graeme Harper, Jeremy Gittins, David Weston, Roger Limb, Graham Cole, Adrian Gibbs, Margot Hayhoe, John Black, Peter Howell, June Hudson & Dick Mills.

SEASON 19 signed by Sarah Sutton, John Black, Annie Lambert, Simon Rouse, Adrian Mills, Michael Melia, David Summer, Keith Guest, Michael Cochrane, Timothy Block, Adrian Gibbs, Ann Holloway, Clare Clifford, Steve Ismay, David Banks, Mark Hardy, Graham Cole, Margot Hayhoe, Peter Howell, Dick Mills & Eric Saward.

SEASON 23 signed by Colin Baker, Bonnie Langford and Michael Jayston or Bonnie Langford, Michael Jayston, Tom Chadbon, Glen Murphy, Gordon Warnecke, Alibe Parsons, Simon Slater, Sion Tudor Owen, Ian Marshall-Fisher, Chris Clough, June M Collins, Eric Saward & Dominic Glynn.

SEASON 26 signed by Sophie Aldred or Sophie Aldred, Lisa Bowerman, Sharon Duce, Michael Cochrane, John Nettleton, Christien Anholt, Robert Jezek, David John, Kate Eaton and Sakuntala Ramanee.

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