Cyber Saturday

The Time Space Visualiser gets the ultimate upgrade this Saturday when our online convention celebrates Doctor Who’s monstrous Cybermen!

Our third virtual online event is dedicated to the Mondasion monsters, the Cybermen, and we’ve got a packed schedule to take you from 2pm through to 5pm this Saturday, 11th April. Then from 6pm onwards there will be a tweet-along for the Seventh Doctor serial Silver Nemesis, with Sophie Aldred joining in; you can share your thoughts too using the hashtag #SilverNemesis

Joining us for brand new interviews on Saturday are Gregg Palmer, who was an original Cyberman in The Tenth Planet, as well as Matt Doman and Matthew Rohman, who have played Cybermen in the new series, including the recent series finale with Jodie Whittaker. We also have a special reunion for the classic serial Earthshock; we span the continents to reunite James Warwick and Clare Clifford. And as if that wasn’t “excellent” enough, Cyberleader extraordinaire David Banks joins us for a chat.

From the archive we shall be travelling back to 2014 with interviews from Kevin Hudson, Adam Sweet and Daz Parker, as well as Kevin Clarke who wrote Silver Nemesis. We will also be showing a 2011 panel reuniting three cast members of The Tomb of the Cybermen; Deborah Watling, Clive Merrison and Bernard Holley.

With competitions, stories, and much more, this Saturday’s event is going to be golden! Just don’t tell the Cybermen that…

Keep checking back over the next few days for further updates, and don’t forget to subscribe to the YouTube channel.