Back 2 the Beat

Back 2 the Beat

Fantom Films are thrilled to reveal the return of Back on the Beat celebrating the much missed television police drama The Bill. Taking place at St Michael's Centre, Chiswick on Saturday 17th March, this unique event will reunite members of the cast from throughout the show's 26 years history. The day will include stage panels, photo and autograph opportunities and one or two surprises along the way!

John Bowler


P.C. Roger Valentine

2004 - 2010



Ch. Supt. Brownlow

1984 - 2000

Graham Cole


P.C. Tony Stamp

1984 - 2009

Chris Simmons


D.C. Mickey Webb

1998 - 2010

Kim Tiddy


P.C. Honey Harman

2003 - 2007



P.C. Steve Loxton

1990 - 1997, 1999

Fantom Films have been organising various cult television events over the past ten years. In 2017 we were able to celebrate The Bill at our TV Utopia event in Oxford, bringing together a number of original cast members to discuss the series. It is thanks to the enduring love fans hold for the programme and its characters that we are able to organise the very first dedicated event.

The day will include various stage panels, and your opportunity to meet the cast and to collect their autographs.

Unfortunately Eric Richard, Mark Wingett and John McArdle are unable to attend due to professional commitments.

Our last he last event featured appearance Jeff Stewart (PC Reg Hollis), Graham Cole (PC Tony Stamp), Lisa Geoghan (WPC Polly Page), Suzanne Maddock (PC Cass Rickman), Ben Peyton (PC Ben Hayward) and Moya Brady (Roberta Cryer).

Pre-Order Signing

Unable to attend? We will get your items signed on your behalf. We are accepting item submissions for all the above guests, or 10x8 photos can be ordered for an additional £5. Discover more.

Terms and Conditions

Terms & Conditions Apply. 'Back 2 the Beat' is an unofficial event and is not supported or endorsed by the copyright holders.